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Advanced Bowling Tips For Serious Bowlers: Must Read Those Secret Lessons


Some athletes put a piece of tape from the heel toward the sole in the middle to help achieve more stopping power. The type of tape used will affect how much this might help you.


White textured tape will obviously slide less than smooth black tape. Be very careful here because any residue from the tape and its adhesive left on the approach is dangerous as well as illegal.


  • If you are having trouble sliding too much and your normal shoe adjustments aren't working, you can wet the two middle fingers of your non-bowling hand and rub them across the sliding sole. This will last for one shot and should provide the ability to stop when you want.


In a severe case, you can dampen the entire sole of the shoe very lightly. You could also rub your fingers across only the part of the sole on which you slide for stopping power.


You could rub them on the beginning of the heel. Keep in mind that whatever you do may not affect any other participant or you will be forced to stop doing it.


  • If you are stopping more suddenly than you wish, you can keep your torso more upright, and you will slide just a bit more. If you have your torso more forward, you can slide less. Be sure these tricks do not affect your timing or delivery.


  • If you are sticking at the foul line frequently, you could move back on the approach and just finish further from the foul line, hopefully staying out of the area of the approach where you are sticking.


This will, of course, change your view of the lane and, most likely, your projection through the heads which might change everything. However, if you can't slide you can't play, so changing is a good idea.


  • The most difficult of all approaches is one where you don't know if you are going to stick or slide. There are things you can do for sticking and things you can do for sliding, but if you don't know which one is going to happen, you might have a difficult time. You will have to be a little cautious and anticipate either one.


Hopefully, everyone is having this problem. If they are not, you either have an equipment issue (you don't have the right combination on the shoes) or you have a mental game issue.


If you are 'toast', meaning because you have no feet your physical game is gone, it's time for you to sit down with your coach and have one of those lessons where you don't throw a ball and the two of you just talk about how you deal with this type of adversity.


The problem, of course, is in the lack of control and dealing with the unexpected. You've hopefully known how to play what the lane gives you. Part of the lane is the approach. You'll have to learn to deal with what it gives you as well.


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