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Bowling Technique: Revive An Old Bowling Ball


The bowling season is about to start, and this bowling technique can help you when looking over your bowling ball arsenal. The decision is, which ones to use or replace?


Now other than the initial drilling of your bowling ball to your needs, little can be done to change the bowling ball’s reaction, right?


Well, not exactly. So let's try to summarize the available options, before buying a new bowling ball.


First bowling technique, has your bowling ball been resurfaced or reconditioned lately, like every 60-90 games are recommended?


If not check out this post, Recondition A Bowling Ball. Basically, your custom bowling ball is burned out and needs a good restoration.


Second bowling technique, if your bowling ball just isn’t biting the lanes as before, perhaps a good cleaning is needed to get the dirt and oil out of the cover stock.


You may also consider this post too, Washing Your Bowling Ball?


Third bowling technique, let's go back to this post, Why Sand A Bowling Ball? If you are resurfacing the bowling ball, you just ask to leave it sand.


Of course, the opposite is true, if your custom bowling ball is breaking too much, put it into the bowling ball polishing machine, or use a high gross cleaner.


Finally, if none of these bowling techniques are helping, may be it is time for a new bowling ball. Now you have to select, if you want a dry, medium to heavy, or heavy oil bowling ball, and how aggressive you want the bowling ball’s reaction to be?


Remember, each bowling ball should be used for a certain reason, otherwise all your bowling balls would react the same with no advantage of one over the other. Keeping a variety of reactions for the changing lane conditions is the advantage of your custom bowling ball arsenal.