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Washing your bowling ball?


There are many bowling ball cleaners, some clean deeper than others. But this is a new one on me.


Washing your bowling ball consists of using Dawn dish washing detergent and warm or hot water. The catch in this bowling tip is, you do not submerge your bowling ball in the dish water, unless the bowling balls holes can be sealed.


Instead, you wash it off with dish water using a small dish towel and be careful not to get any water in the bowling ball finger holes. Water in the bowling ball finger holes would be a major problem.


A water logged bowling ball would throw off your core weight, ball reaction, and the total weight of the bowling ball. So, please be careful and protect the finger holes.


Now some say, you can use electric or masking tape to cover the bowling ball holes, and then submerge the bowling ball for a while. In this way, the oil and dirt will be drawn out of the bowling ball.


Then after cleaning, use cold water to rinse off and dry with a clean towel. Let the bowling ball sit on a rack or well-ventilated area to fully dry.


But, I’m still wondering about reactive resin bowling balls retaining the sticky surface? So I would use bowling ball conditioner/cleaner after wards, to replace some of the natural sticky surface.


Let me know how it works, or then again maybe I’ll try it next week after bowling season ends.
Oh, an after thought, how about using a bottle of Dawn mixed with water at the bowling alley, instead of bowling ball cleaner?


After use, wipe clean with a damp towel? If it works, it would be a lot cheaper?


Post note: I tried the condensed form of Dawn in a spray bottle at the bowling alley last night. All you need is two or three sprays and a damp paper towel to wipe around the bowling ball, then wipe off with another damp towel, and dry off with a clean dry cloth towel.


I would allow 10-15 minutes to fully dry. The bowling ball seem clean and worked as well as with the expense bowling ball cleaners.


But it does take longer, so give yourself extra time, or do it at home before bowling. Remember to let me know what you think about this idea?


A third bowling tip method I just tried, rub Dawn on the bowling ball to just cover it in a thin layer. Then wet your fingers with water, and rub the Dawn into the bowling ball cover, not into the bowling ball holes.


Suds it up, wipe the bowling ball off with a wet paper towel and finish with a dry towel. Now that bowling ball is clean! Try it out first, then if you what more stick use conditioner/cleaner. This does work, try it and you will be surprise