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Why Sand a Bowling Ball?


As I mentioned before, only reactive bowling balls can be sanded or roughed up. Please don’t sand plastic, urethane, or particle bowling balls, because they will be damaged for life. But, reactive bowling balls can be polished back to factory finish.

A custom bowling ball sanded will break earlier and handle heavier oil conditions. Likewise, a polished custom bowling ball will roll longer, slide more, and will have more power left entering the pocket.


The downside of sanding a custom bowling ball is a loss of power into the pocket, or burn out. Of course, I am talking in general terms. Some custom bowling balls absorb more oil or drilled very aggressively, so the response will vary.


The best way would be, to evaluate the lane conditions over a period of time. If your bowling ball is sliding too much, try sanding the surface. To do an even job, have the Pro Shop or bowling center do it for you.


But, I have used a scratch pad in my hand, and rolled the bowling ball over it for light and even finish. If you only have one bowling ball, this will hurt your 10 pin pick up chances, because of the increase traction or bite of the bowling ball.


Remember, you can always put the bowling ball into the polishing machine, or use hand polishes to regain the factory finish. I hope this bowling tip will help your Game, and save the expense of another bowling ball.